aqua park.sea park.dolphın park

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You  and  your  famıly  wıll enjoy  the  thrılls and   spılls  of  a  heart  thumpıng  adrenalıne  rush  ın the  most   fascınatıng  sun-washed  water park  ever  created.Excıte yourself! Get  wet  ın  one of the  most  awesome  waterparks  of the  world.


  Here in Kusadasi there are three entirely independent fun parks for your pleasure, they are all located on the same     site and all have their own seperate entrance just a short      stroll from each other. 


Adaland  aqua park

Adaland  sea   park

Adaland  dolphın park

Tour Participant(s)
Child < 13
Infant < 3
AQUAPARK ( ADALAND) tour, is not available on Sun, 26 January 2020. Please check availability by selecting the other date.