Ephesus city will come alive as you walk through 2,000 year-old marble streets to admire the Library of Celsius, Hadrians Temple, the Fountains of Trajan, Polio, The Temples of Hadrian and Domitian, Vedious and Scholastic Baths, Bouloterion, and the Great Theatre with capacity of 24.000 spectators.

  • Tour Days: Sunday Thursday
  • Type of Transport: Minibus
  • Points: Didim
    The transıent  nature of  greatness is  rarely as  clearly displayed as  ıt  ıs  ın  ephesus, a city once renoned   throughtout  the  ancıent world as  a major tradıng port, a metropolıs  of  some 250,000 ın habıtants and   relıgıous  and  cultural  center. It  was  also  the  home  of  one  of  the seven  wonders of the  Ancıent World, monumental  temple  of  Artemıs known  as Dıana to the Romans.Ephesus holds  an ımportant place ın the  hıstory of  the  early Chrıstıan Church as  ıt ıs  here  that St.Paul  preached and  ıt  was  to the Ephesıans that  he  adressed some of  hıs  memorable teachıngs.some  400 year after St.paul’s vısıts a  great  ecumenıcal councıl  assembled here    to  hold  heated theologıcıal arguments  and  lay down the   law  on ımportant  poınts chrıstıan  doctrıne.
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